June 9, 2011

Tracy Morgan Can Take a Joke, but Can't Take Fags.

I didn't post this to spread a rumor.  We are critical thinking adults; this may be bullshit.  This could be a gay man's social science project, it could be a drunk interpretation, it could be an outright lie to gain some notoriety.  I don't know and I don't care.  My point in posting is just to illuminate my earlier point about using the word "fag"... sometimes only you can decide if hurting people is worth it.
If hurting people is worth using a certain word or expression.
If ruining someone's evening is worth making the joke.
If encouraging alienation and hatred in people is worth the applause.

This is a personal choice and we all make it in different ways evey day, celebrity or not.  But if someone left a conversation with me feeling like this, or feeling the need to walk out, I wouldn't be watching my language because they were the sensitive ones.

It would be because I was.


Jay Mohr does world's best Tracy Morgan impression.


Anonymous said...

feel free to share...

This makes me think the gay dude put this up after misinterpreting the humor that is expected from mr. Jordan.

There could have been heavy sarcasm in voice, maybe even (it being a live audience and all that) he could have been trying to reach an audience that statistically wasn't gay. Which probably makes up 99.9% of his audience. i hate the fact that if a comedian offends a person (and i've read your posts about offending gays and the difference between hate and offence) that suddenly they can be black booked and not passed aside while a columnist can say faggot over and over without resulting in backlash.

Rob Christ said...

seriouly i dont see the problem, a gay guy goes to a catholic comics stand up shtick, and gets offended by hearing things he's heard before... i love the fags but seriously a thick skin is a mental thing not just an anal thing...