June 7, 2011

Narces Benoit Video of Police Shooting That Killed Raymond Herisse and Injured 7 Others.

Man who recorded a police shooting hides the memory card in his mouth as the police hold a gun to his head and smash his smart phone and intimidate him and his girlfriend into silence about the incident.

< Images of last week's fatal police shooting in Miami Beach have been released.
Here you see footage recorded on a cell phone by Narces Benoit.
The police are surrounding a car driven by Raymond Herisse. Then they started firing at the 22-year-old.
Herisse was killed, three officers and four bystanders were injured.
Benoit and his girlfriend, Ericka Davis, are accusing authorities of destroying evidence and intimidation.
They say the only reason this video is still around because they were able to hide a memory card before authorities smashed the phone that captured this incident.
They have hired a lawyer, saying they "want the right thing to be done." >

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