April 26, 2011

2011 NHL Playoffs: Game 7s Allovertheplace... cont.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, yeah, people hate us, but you know French Canadians love to be hated. We thrive on that shit. When my family gets together back east, all we do is fight and eat. And, we're short.

Bee said...

I don't even hate the Habs, but my friend Mike LePage loves them so I have to exploit that shit when I can. ;) This is what I do when the Oilers are out- I start instigating the others fans. ;)

I remember when my one friend Alex ("LovePea") was a Leafs fan and LePage was a Habs fan and I didn't realize the extent of the rivalry.
Alex basically told me that he couldn't be my friend if I was ever going to root for the Canadiens. I was shocked. I thought it was just hockey. See what happens when you grow up in rural interior BC without decent cable like the rest of Canada? You miss out on who you're supposed to hate... ;)


ps And Greg being a die hard Bruins fan doesn't help. He loves the Bruins and his brother loves San Jose... what the hell??

mikelepage said...

"This is what I do when the Oilers are out"

So like always then?




Anonymous said...

Half the time I don't even know why we root for certain teams being that so few of the players actually play for teams in the city/area they are from. And then, the following season, the roster changes and we still love that same team. I love the Habs mostly because of the history of the team and of course because Montreal fans demand so much of them. I can't even imagine the pressure one would be under playing in that city...and, they are expected to learn French, too! I didn't have cable growing up, so it was always CBC and Hockey Night in Canada with my dad. I was born a Hab, I guess:-)

I would have like to have seen more Canadian teams make it in this year. What the fuck is going on with the Oilers?! You guys need Smyth back. He made everyone believe, even when the team was rebuilding and had no big name players.


Bee said...

I have made that exact argument.
I have said as much when it comes to politics as well.
"Would you be a Christian if Jesus changed every four years?"

I see the ridiculousness of being a spectator of sports sometimes, but I have also experienced the amazing camaraderie and passion when the entire room is cheering on a team to the playoffs.

I only hope my awareness balances it all out somehow. =)

AND YES- Good God, Oilers... give us something to work with, for fuck's sake... ;) We ALL miss Smitty.