April 26, 2011

Fox News Edits Anderson Cooper in a Misleading Way. AGAIN.

My favourite comment:

"No, of course Hannity didn't knowingly edit the quote to mislead the audience. Fox News is fair and balanced and the pinnacle of journalistic integrity. Sure, I know it seems like every single day, every single Fox News Show says many misleading statements and shows many misleading­ly edited clips or quotes. But that doesn't mean it is a pattern. No. Just a series of totally unrelated coincidenc­es each and every day.

After all, if Fox was doing this on purpose it would totally go against Roger Ailes own memo's that state anyone caught doing something misleading or unfactual will be reprimande
d. And NOBODY has ever been reprimande­d. So clearly there is nothing to see here.

Fair and Balanced."

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