April 8, 2011

"Check This Out."

I almost pissed myself.

TL;DR: She starts dancing everywhere in the room and forgets that her parents' tiny apartment isn't her school gymnasium.

At about 00:49 the girl does a giant kick, breaking the lamp above her head, then panicking and falling so unexpectedly that she brings a table mantle, she knocks whatever the hell's on the table in front of her down with her.
It also looks like it knocked down whatever camera she was using.

Remember, kids, if you're video taping yourself dancing, make sure you have enough room, be mindful or your surroundings, and never improvise, because you're really not that talented.

1 comment:

Ezzie said...

This is the funniest thing I've seen since Natalie fell out of the chair and pulled the desk over in the cash office.