April 6, 2011

Good Morning.

A sweet trending topic on Twitter is #ThingsiMissFromChildhood.  A comedian Mike Baldwin was brilliant at it all.  It was a great way to wake up... a sunrise, some sweet memories, and a coffee.  Good morning, indeed.



Anonymous said...

My grandma's apple-raspberry pie, packs of dogs roaming the neighborhood (no leash laws), no seatbelts, parents chain-smoking in the car with the windows rolled up, K-way jackets and Keds, no computers/cell phones, getting beaten to a pulp by my brother, climbing our huge apple tree and shaking the apples off and blackberry picking with my friends, crimping irons, Bloody Mary and Ouija boards, choregraphing dances to Prince songs...can we go back?! J:-)

Bee said...

K-way jackets and Keds! WOW.
I completely forgot about those.

Crimping irons!

Man, my heart is aching right now...


Anonymous said...

I could go on and on and on...

I'm totally going to make some friendship bracelets and pins, too. Seriously, I'm going to buy the materials tomorrow!



Bee said...

See, THAT is what twitter trends are supposed to do.