April 4, 2011

Why are Canadians going to the polls? Stephen Harper and his cabinet ministers were FIRED.

The majority of Canadians don’t know nor understand why there is another election.  So today I will try and explain why Canadians are going to the polls – again.  In simplest terms Stephen Harper and his cabinet ministers “were fired” for corruption and incompetency.  Stephen Harper and his Conservative caucus were fired by Parliament – the Voice of the People.  Harper’s prime minister title was revoked by a majority vote in the House of Commons.  He and his cabinet ministers no longer have the confidence of the people of Canada to represent nor govern them.   To fill the job vacancies of prime minister and cabinet ministers an election was called.

The Great Canadian Construction Project
Canada is essentially a major construction project.  This construction project is so big that the investors (the Canadian people) hire lawyers (MLA or members of the legislative assembly – lawmakers) to represent their investment and interests in the project.  These investors’ lawyers are members of a very large law firm called Parliament.  This major law firm (Parliament) has several smaller law firms (partners) with their own group of lawyers and their own set of policies, goals and ideas.
The lawyers at the Canadian law firm of Parliament advise clients (Canadian investors) about their legal rights and responsibilities, and to represent their clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions, and other matters in which legal advice and other assistance are sought.
Every day all of these investors’ lawyers from the law firms of -  Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Green & Bloc go to work in Ottawa, Ontario where they draw up building contracts and oversee those contracts, present the needs, concerns and wants of their respective clients (the investors), hire security companies to protect the Great Canadian Project, hire and pay construction and renovation companies, setup up, collect and provide for employee services and benefits , buy new or used construction equipment and security vehicles (subs, fighter jets,  tanks),  etc., etc., etc…

At any given time one of the smaller law firms in Parliament will have  more lawyers working for them than the others.  They have the majority of building projects and investors to oversee and serve.  Up until last week the partner law firm  “The Conservative Party” had the most projects and therefore the most lawyers representing those projects and their respective investors.  The Conservative Party law firm appointed Stephen Harper to lead them in counsel.  In the last election the Conservative Party law firm and its appointed leader Stephen Harper were hired to oversee most of the investors’ projects and as such they became the primary law firm at Parliament.
The Great Canadian Construction Project had the people, equipment and contracts needed to proceed and to the investors it all appeared to be going great.  But one day an audit of the bookkeeping of the law firm “The Conservative Party” stumbled upon entries that didn’t match what the Conservative Party head, Stephen Harper, told Parliament.  An investigation was launched and in the course of the investigation evidence of fraud was found.  Stephen Harper and his associates were subpoenaed to provide specific documents to the investigation committee.  When Stephen Harper failed to comply with the subpoenas the investigation committee voted and judged Stephen Harper and his associates in contempt – the offense of obstructing the parliament in the carrying out of its functions, or of hindering any Member of Parliament in the performance of his or her duties.   As a result of this legal ruling, lawmakers from the Parliament’s partner law firms “The Liberal Party” and “The NDP” asked all members of Parliament to decide by vote on a motion of no confidence.  On March 25, 2011, by a vote of 156 to 145, the lawmakers of the Canadian House of Commons found Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party guilty of contempt of Parliament.  Punishment imposed by Parliamentary Law, for committing this crime, is to fire the accused (Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party caucus) and revoke his title, duties and privileges as prime minister of Canada.  An election is then called to fill the job vacancies of prime minister and cabinet ministers.


Source: http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=2008


mikelepage said...

I just find it interesting that he's able to run at all. I was under the impression that given his crime (and make no mistake, it is one) that he would be barred from seeking re-election.

Maybe Ignatieff should focus on THAT. Harper is doing his damndest to make "Coalition" a dirty word. Ignatieff is on the fringes with "Contempt" but should slide that on over to "Criminal". He would be telling the truth and painting Harper with a pretty nasty brush (made of wire and dipped in dog shit).

Bee said...

See, I didn't think he was allowed to run either?
What is going on with that??
I realize criminals are allowed to vote but this one is allowed to run for PM??

Da' Vane said...

What did Harper actually do? I'm not really big on Canadian Politics - I am aware he's pretty much a majorly corrupt sleazebag, but isn't that an entry requirement for politicians these days?