April 2, 2011

Flashmob for the Planet : Quebec.

I dare you not to smile.  Happy Saturday, Guys.


Anonymous said...

It's fantastic they got their message across to someone who already 'got it'.

My problem with stuff like this is, they're only patting their own kind on the back-while looking their nose down on those they deem ignorant. I, too, would probably have stepped over this bottle, not because I don't recycle, but because I feel there may be a reason, unknown to me, why it has been left in such a way. For the record and regardless how people may look at me, I go through more plastic bottles than anyone I know, and I recycle(through a donation to the needy)everyone of them. I'm far from a saint, but it disgusts me that such a scenario can have one judged as an ignorant fuck!

Perhaps I have taken this way too seriously(gee do you think?), but just fucking once I would love to be applauded for keeping my nose out of someone else's shit. Where's the group that high-fives that?

Just sayin'.

Bee said...

I assume most people pat their own kind on the back. All the time.

The only problem with that in your scenario is patting on the back would include sticking yourself in someone else's business.

Applauding an action can take many forms: laughing at a certain comedian, eating at a specific restaurant, buying an artist's record.

Generally getting behind something, thus encouraging more of that behaviour and hopefully shaping your world in the vision you would desire.

And you know that I am not going to blog about the nobility of withholding involvement in the world because a) that is not my style and would be extremely hypocritical, and b) the act of blogging about it would create a vortex of bad irony such that it may morph into a black hole and swallow the entire internet.

But thank you for your thoughts.

mikelepage said...

Did you notice that one of the videos associated to this one for some reason is that horrid Rebecca Black "Friday" song?


mikelepage said...


I doubt the point was to send the message to the person who "got it". It was to bring attention to the fact that SOMEONE got it, and hopefully make the rest of the people who didn't feel like shit heels.

I've found the best way to get a message across is not necessarily applauding the efforts of the ones who are doing what needs to be done, but by calling out the dipshits who aren't and should be.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming this video was done in Quebec where "91% of the population cares about the environment"? Not very much evidently, or the video would've been done as soon as it started. Still, it DID make me smile, and I hope to never end up the center of attention of a flash mob like that. (Suddenly I am afraid of plastic bottles laying on the ground.)

In seriousness, I wonder why so much garbage is in the ocean. At this point I think it is *because* of recycling. We send most of our used plastic to China (to be turned into fabrics for the most part) by way of the Pacific Ocean. Wind, storms, rough oceans, crappy crews...certainly the pacific gyre isn't filled with plastic because of cruise ships and beach picnics. No, it is because of millions of tons of plastic being so thoughtfully recycled on another continent by way of boat. I could be wrong, but probably not. Something depressing to think about at any rate.

Now that I have bummed myself out about the idea of recycling plastic, I think I will watch the video again because I need a grin.