April 9, 2011

"I Don't Know What You've Been Told..."

Oh, Saturday... finally a day to sit down and make a coherent entry that doesn't revolve around finding the asinine and outrageous memes on the internet.

It is an odd circle of life, my blog.
I first started a blog before the days of the social networking monster... there was no MySpace, no Friendster, no Facebook, no Twitter.  The only way for me to contact my family in Alberta was either to write them all emails/ letters from BC telling them of my adventures, or writing a blog that they could check at their leisure and save me a tonne of time and trouble.  It didn't just tell my tales of being broke and learning loneliness and relating the trouble I was getting into, I also found it delightful to share the internet gems that I had unearthed in my daily surfing.  At one point, I even had a Check-It-Of-the-Day segment with links to things that made me smile or cringe.

Enter Facebook.  A much much more efficient way to share videos, blogs, pictures, articles, and news pieces that I thought my friends & family would enjoy.  I became the girl that always had something crazy posted to Facebook by 10am for the amusement of my friends, as well as friends of friends, and we could start our days with a *facepalm* or fun story to share with co-workers.
I enjoy the outrageous, and apparently, many others do as well.  We all enjoyed our Facebook experiences like crazy.

So, I neglected my blog.

I began utilizing Facebook for my outlet of idiocy and kept my blog for more personal stories.  But I have never really been one to sit down and log my happiness.  I will be more likely to write out my sadness and discontent like a runner blasting through the stresses of the day.  Who wants to waste the great parts of your life by sitting back and documenting it?  You can usually spot an unhappy person right away: they write about themselves ad nauseam and it always feels like they are hoping that if they write enough words, the depression will exhaust itself.
See: http://arbitral.livejournal.com/

So, long story short, my new blog was full of personal gems, though they were few and far between.  My Facebook, however, was lit up like the fourth of July.
Until I got kicked off.

I have a brash sense of humour, a sharp wit, and a dirty mouth.  This is no surprise to anyone who knows me.  But I am also extremely kind with people and am loathe to hurt feelings if I can help it.  Sometimes, though, people put me in the position of having to say "Fuck off. You are being an asshole" and I have very little issue saying so.  I know when someone is being manipulative or intentionally hurtful and I will put an end to it as soon as I can.  This happened with the celebrated Republican incident and got me kicked off Facebook.  Well, I assume it did.  The rest of my normal bullshit had been going on for four years, I hesitate to think that it took Facebook that long to notice that I regularly make off-colour jokes about not being "homophobic because most of my friends are black."

So, kicked off, I had nowhere to go.  I had a Twitter I barely understood the operations of, and a neglected blog.  While Twitter has been a lovely time waster, it is limiting for things like linking stories, posting pictures, and getting verbose (which I am sometimes wont to do).  What a fine time to resurrect the blog in all of it's ridiculous glory!

And now here I am, ten years later, with a blog that looks pretty much exactly as it did when I started my first one... a bunch of videos, articles, pictures, internet memes, movie trailers, Twitter updates, all punctuated with mini updates on my daily life (the updates that are no doubt the least entertaining of all of them).  I feel badly sometimes about the lack of REAL updates, but I feel about lengthy blog updates like I do two hour cinematic period pieces; I may have 2 hours of my life to devote to something amazing, but it is far more likely that I will have 12 ten minute segments that inevitably lend themselves to 'hey! check out the new Beastie Boys' short movie trailer!' updates instead. I am also more likely to text than email, email than write a postcard, write a postcard than compose a letter, compose a letter than place a phone call, etc etc etc.
Blame my deteriorating attention span if you will... I prefer to blame my blissed out life that I never feel like pausing.

So, here it is: my update.  I have been spending much of the week loving up & hanging with Greg, commenting on the fantastic weather, drinking mini keg Tartan Keith's with friends, listening to music, Tweeting and making new friends, reading, making foods (Star Wars pancakes!), taxes (ewww, let's not mention that part), and mentally preparing for the LePage's arrival from Halifax next week.  =)  Exciting.

I miss breakfasts with Shawn, though.  So I think I will email him today and set up a date for tomorrow morning.  Because while Facebook and Twitter and blogging are fun and easy, there is nothing like a Thursday night at the Crown with friends, a sushi evening with Greg, a lunch date with my Dad, a coffee at Second Cup with Amber, a hockey game with the family, or a 4 hour breakfast date with Shawn.

xo Bee


Ezzie said...

Wait, LePage is coming to town?

Hide yo wife, hide yo husband, hide yo kids!

Bee said...

I know!! It is true.
I am picking him up Thursday at 1pm, and perhaps will drag him out to the Crown that evening? Would you like to join?? It shall be a GRAND time!


Ezzie said...

Thursday the 14th? I might be able to come but it would be later. It's Jenna's birthday and we are going to her house for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Those pancakes look bad ass!

mikelepage said...

Mental preparations will not save you!

We are now at the 24 hour mark for my departure to the tropical balminess of Edmonton.

None of us shall ever be the same.

Also, I want ribs from Tony Romas.

See you tomorrow!