April 26, 2011

The Real Mikey.

Lisa Lampanelli suggested her Twitter followers also follow RealMikey.

 So, I did.
And THIS is what I was bombarded with this morning:

Clearly, Mikey has suffered a break up, thinks he's funny, hate mornings, and doesn't understand simile.
Thanks, Queen of Mean.


(Thanks for the tip, Anonymous.)

- And Anonymous (from comments) is correct; RealMikey's tweets are lame jokes you can easily find if you take five seconds to Google. They are lifted from bad joke forums and sites your grandparents would get a kick out of for ten minutes.
He is just embarrassing.
I don't understand his 100,000 followers, but I understand even LESS Lampanelli's desire to promote him.

- I also posted a comment on YouTube reminding him to take it easy when ripping off jokes for Twitter because he is liable to get busted and embarrass himself. It was promptly deleted.

- He must have taken my comment to heart, though, because he deleted the tweet linking the "Thank you" video from his Twitter.  Probably for the best.


Anonymous said...

It's worse than you think. He posted a youtube video thanking all his followers, and saying all this tweets are original. Take a few of them and do a google search. The easybake oven tweet? It's a motivational poster. The tweet about wars teaching Americans geography? That's a Paul Rodriguez bit. This Mikey guy is a loser, and Lisa Lampanelli wants to follow him.

Bee said...

Thank you!

I unfollowed him so I missed his new video submissions but just posted the "thank you" one that you referenced.

Hey Mikey...
Originality doesn't mean that you didn't copy & paste but typed it out yourself. The tweets are obviously unoriginal. How the fuck do you even know what year the Easybake Oven came out? You can't spell "hillarious" (sic) so don't tell me you bothered to Google that shit.

And his latest tweet "Damn Disney and Viagra have alot in common They both require you to stand around for an hour to go on a 2 minute ride" was found on about 15 separate joke forums.

His only original tweets are about the girlfriend who broke his heart, and that is sad on a whole new 'fifteen year old girl' level.

Anonymous said...

What an ass. There are SO many of these jerks on Twitter. These wannabe celebs. Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

What a useless douche. Unfollow that biotch!

Bee said...

Amazing that he'd be backed by the Queen of Mean, hey? She defended her recommendation by qualifying that he did "great graphic design work". I tried to locate some but all he has listed is that he is a "Famous Graphic Designer" (no company, but famous) and the website is just a page of links by which you can "follow" him. No online portfolio, no business info; just links to his Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

I mean, I knew when Mrs. Lampanelli started following *me* that perhaps she was being a little too liberal with the "follows", but this seems a bit much even for her.