April 30, 2011

Love Means Never Having to Say "Clean up your side of the bed."

Now, to clarify, I am not at all big on the media stereotypes of men vs women. It is disgusting how often I am bombarded with television commercials depicting women as the anal-maniacal geniuses keeping the chaotic household together while the idiot husbands watch sports and buy sport cars they can't afford or tools they are incapable of using correctly.  It is gross and obviously inaccurate if you have ever left your house for more than six seconds.

That being said, sometimes there are glaring differences between men and women that arise in certain situations and make me smile.

This is our bed. On either side are utility shelves* with piles of stuff on them. 

This is my side, complete with a cartoon Greg drew of himself in an antique frame, a humidifier that looks like a spaceship, essential oil burner, herbal balms and sleeping aids, incense in a hand-made holder from India, my favourite books, antique suitcase with old diaries, a hat box with love items from Greg, and my Valentimes present- an iron dress frame.  Oh, and a candle.

And this... this is Greg's side. His blood pressure monitor, diabetic pen, pill bottles (empty, full, partially full, mystery bottles), receipts, action figures, business cards, spare Kleenex from his pockets, Old Spice deodorant and body spray, Dr. Pepper pop tops with codes for a Thor contest, spare change, mail (opened, unopened, mystery mail), lotions, ipod and headphones, lube, chap sticks, sleep mask, medication, stuffed animals, nasal spray, remotes, massagers, 2 pairs of glasses, candies, 2 wallets, keys, zip drives, Apple ID stuff, and any love note I have ever written him since we began dating almost 3 years ago.

I love him.

*While we told ourselves ages ago that the utility shelves were temporary, they have become more than sufficient for our needs and will likely be our nightstands until they turn to dust.


Anonymous said...

That is too adorable.

Robert said...

Way to go Greg! she totally cleaned up! (her side only) You deserve your space.... Three sheets for Greg!

Bee said...

Hahahaha! It's true.
He keeps me in line.


(Greg was appreciative to have a fan.)

Anonymous said...

I can't even stand how cute that is. True love means not caring that your boy's side-table looks like a bomb went off on it.

Bee said...

You know what I'm saying... ;)