April 25, 2011


Shaw proudly proclaims that after consulting with users, they found that Canadian consumers were simply thrilled with the proposition to pay more for broadband services.
"Not one of the customers that came to these consultations said that if you charge more we will leave for a 'lesser performing' internet service," Shaw informed conference call attendees, adding that "customers have said we are prepared to pay more for a higher value of service." Shaw also proudly proclaimed that usage-based billing was "a win-win for our shareholders as well as our customers."

Except if Shaw had actually listened to Canadian consumers, they'd realize this wasn't what users were saying at all. Canadian consumers are well aware the new pricing isn't about fairness; it's about imposing steep new usage surcharges on all users,heavy and light, in order to offset the possible impact of Internet video on broadband revenues. Opposition to this pricing is unquestionably fierce among educated users.

Feel free to ensure you let Shaw know how you REALLY feel about usage based billing:


What would you like our Internet packages to look like?
"You already impose caps as low as 15 GB per month on Internet tiers and now you want to charge $5 per GB? I WOULD LIKE IT TO LOOK NOTHING LIKE THIS."

How can we create a better experience for our Internet customers?
"You can ask for my opinion before you instigate changes to my service.  You stated you wouldn't start charging steep per byte overages until you had engaged in "consulting sessions" with users, but I don't recall getting a phone call (on the phone line I purchase through Shaw), an email (which is registered with Shaw on Shaw internet) or a letter (alongside the bill you don't seem to have an issue mailing out each month). I have heard rumor you will begin this billing as early as July 1st, is this true? Because I would like to give my next service provider a head's up. Perhaps being a little more above board might have been the professional and respectable thing to do. "

And remember to sign the petition:



Participating to the NDP town hall meeting conference call and just asked Jack Layton about UBB. His response is that he has already officially rejected this proposal and has signed off on this numerous times, regardless of the Conservatives who have suggested that all parties have wavered on the issue. He even displayed a proposal to make broadband less expensive (though, due to my being on the phone, I was not able to see the proposal everyone applauded.)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I will go elsewhere. This is stupid.

Anonymous said...

SIGNED! Thank you for this!!!!

Mike said...

My comment card finale:
If you insist on implementing the usage based fees, could I have your recommendation on which of your competitors provide internet services which will suit my needs while not taking advantage of me as a consumer?

I eagerly await their reply.

Bee said...


"You've been LePaged, my man."

Mike said...

Hey, Mr. Lepage isn't the ONLY Mike with a wry with and humorously hostile worldview you know.

Bee said...

Oh, shit! My mobile view doesn't show avatars so I just assumed! I apologize.

I am very honoured to now know of two exceptionally hostile and humourous Mikes.

How does a girl get THAT lucky??

Anonymous said...

I signed it as well. Perhaps they will now have a better idea what we all think of this idea.
Thank you for letting us know about this.


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