April 16, 2011

Record Store Day. (Because it's Not a Starbucks Yet.)


Since it started in 2007, this event has caught on as a nationwide celebration of the little neighborhood shop and a reminder of how important it is to music.  In this age of the digital download, it's easy to forget how awesome it is to wander through the aisles of a record store and discover a band you might not have found on an iTunes best-sellers list.

A bunch of artists have put together limited-edition Record Store Day releases available only at participating stores (I'm totally coveting the Andrew Bird/Loney Dear 7" and the previously unreleased Flight of the Conchords songs).  In addition, cool events are taking place at stores around the country today — for example, the independent store in my neighborhood, Permanent Records, has Christian Hansen playing. 

I dig the convenience of digital music, but I adore independent record stores for the character, the composition, and the human element that is so important to me.  So take a stroll today and see what interesting events are happening where you are.

And if you are in Edmonton, later on swing by the Pile Up Art Show

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