April 21, 2011

Boyfriend Watches Girlfriend Get Murdered on Webcam.

Toronto Police say Qian Liu, a 23-year-old Chinese national studying English at York University, was killed Friday morning when she let an unidentified man into her room while chatting online with her boyfriend in Beijing.
The boyfriend told police there was a knock at Liu’s door around 1 a.m. ET Friday and a man asked to borrow her cell phone.
The boyfriend witnessed “a struggle between the deceased and the man,” according to police, before the suspect shut off her computer and stole the laptop. Also stolen were the webcam she was using to chat with her boyfriend and her cell phone.
The boyfriend, who police have not publicly identified, immediately took to the internet to raise people he knew in Canada who could alert the police. He contacted Liu’s family in Beijing who called the Chinese consulate in Toronto. But it was almost 10 hours after the intruder knocked on the door that police finally entered Liu’s apartment and found the woman dead.

GO: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/accused-in-york-womans-death-a-student-politician-at-university-worked-for-ngo/article1994393/


Christina Anne said...

Dear Bee!
I did some web searching today on the big whoolah about shitharperdid and am wondering what your thoughts are on this web site? I think it is a promotion paid for by a coalition or the liberals probably the liberals. The names i found were things like the company
"TruthFool Communications" and the names i found were Sean Devlin and Cameron Reed, both of whom seem fishy to me. Am i just not getting the point of the website? or are these guys on the take just portraying a grassroots movement to get people to vote, but really getting their cheques signed by team red.

I think I am going to throw caution to the wind and vote with my heart, whats the worse that can happen...


please stop calling me wanting to know who i am going to vote for, its a secret ballot and i'm not telling

Bee said...


I found them just to be bloggers that have moved up in the world a bit and created a site similar to the 'http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/' site they made last year, illustrating that, despite popular opinion, he has made progress.

Harper has fucked so much up with such a stunning lack of compassion and responsibility that I think people are much more passionate about getting him the fuck out of office for good than ever before.

At least, I know I am.


Bee said...

Sorry, I worded that poorly:

THEY did not make the Obama website; supportive designers did.

There are also others for Sarah Palin:

and Wikileaks: http://sowhyiswikileaksagoodthingagain.com/

Pretty entertaining and eyeopening.