March 24, 2011

A Dent in Peter's Coffin. UPDATES.  CONTINUED...

-------------------------------------------------------- comments from alternate post:
Peter returns to taunt me like he taunted Xiaxeu.  Second time's a charm?

Does 'I Just DGAF' look familiar?  They should.  They post on this blog:

The one created by someone OTHER than Peter Coffin (because that would CRAZY) to defend him against the haters.  Or something.  Read for yourself.

Even though I repeatedly told him to stop with the new blogs and reddit and Twitter and other futile means to defend his aching position, he insists on taunting me.  Because no one listens to me anyway, right?


The second rated comment on reddit.

Not to mention being linked by numerous other blogs, articles, thread sites, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Now, granted, this means shit in the overall scheme of things, but to insinuate that someone as worthless as myself can't influence anyone by simply posting my observations and "screen shots" (because what proof are pictures, anyway) on a wee blog is a bit naive. Ever heard of 'word of mouth'?  It's not when your imaginary girlfriend puts your cock down her imaginary throat; it actually does something.

Maybe that is what got you into this mess- you don't think anyone else is ever worthy enough to tear down the kingdom of Korean love you have built for yourself.  And yet, here you are... defending yourself on reddit and losing grace and honour with each shallow reply.

Perhaps you'd be better off leaving well enough alone now?


Peter!  You made it to the big time!! Congratulations.

He has since deleted all comments impersonating himself as 'I Just DGAF'.  Damn it.  Now the comment threads don't make any sense.  I hate it when that happens.

Funny; Peter Coffin also said of  Xiaxeu "you suck as a person."  I'm sure it's coincidence.

And now Peter's alter-ego I Just DGAF has a Twitter page.  And guess which blogger he's decided to attempt to harass now?  I know. I feel honoured as well.

A Note from Xiaxue's husband:


A reddit member sent me this screen shot of a conversation he had with Peter Coffin.  Peter admitted to meeting this chick in Scotland of all places.  Boom. 

A reddit member privately facebook Peter Coffin requesting information. He MET her in Scotland. So he DID meet her?

If he "met" her then why is he insisting she "doesn't exist"?

 This guy should go into politics.

Continued post:


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! What is this guys problem? Can't he just let this GO? He is just cementing his own destruction!

Ezzie said...

I don't think he understands that things don't get smaller the more you challenge them on the internet.

Also, is anyone else having the urge for a Peter Coffin party? We'll all wear scarves and make a Peter-Coffin-shaped cake. We can spend the evening talking about our "significant others" that no one has met and contradicting ourselves.

Anonymous said...


Peter, you are an asshat.

I Just DGAF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bee said...

Yeah, you guys, stop.
It's totally not Peter.

Just some anonymous dude who created a blog for the sole purpose of defending Peter against the bad internet peoples who are trying to take down comedy's next big star...

...and now is trolling around on a blog that he professes is not worth a damn. Definitely not worth defending Peter on, since no one reads it. And no one cares.

Or something that sounds vaguely logical.

Sir, you truly just DGAF.

*slow clap for common sense*

Bee said...

"Also, is anyone else having the urge for a Peter Coffin party? We'll all wear scarves and make a Peter-Coffin-shaped cake. We can spend the evening talking about our "significant others" that no one has met and contradicting ourselves."


Anonymous said...

ha ha this is some funny shit, I think this guy just wants attention but he is getting negative feed back and is acting like a baby. This is funny, that is all. HA HA it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

i am almost positive that he is also zack scott. this is quite the trainwreck. i can't look away.

Bee said...

I thought so as well.

This guy has been more alternate personalities today than I have sufficient metaphors to illustrate.

Somebody needs to take his toys away and lock him in the basement until this blows over.

I Just DGAF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bee said...

Why would I need a GED with degree? And how is MY unemployment even an issue? I do contract work. Contracts end.

You should quit while your behind, maybe.
Your job here is done.
YOU are done.

Caroline said...

welllll her shitty little blog seems importnant enough for you to keep chceking, Mr Coffin.

haha god this guy is so pathetic

Jessica said...

I love how his only argument against Xiaxue is that out of context Twitter reply and being all "OMG SHE'S SO RACIST" when I'm pretty sure he is the most racist prick on the internet!

He's just so sad.

Bee said...

I do not follow Xiaxue. She could be a horrible woman or an illustrious vixen. ;)

My point is that it is not HER politics or HER reflections that people really care about. It is rarely ever the blog posts of a single source that garner this kind of attention... it is the unauthentic nature than makes people retaliate.

And that is why, PETER, we have repeatedly told you to man up and come clean.

Stop denying your involvement.
Stop victimizing yourself.
Stop denouncing your responsibility.

Just admit your mistake, admit your humanity, and move-the-fuck-ON.

Bring up any part of my life.
I have never hidden anything or disguised myself. Nor has Xiaxeu. And THAT is why people forgive her her faults.

Because she has been honest.

Take this as a sign.

I Just DGAF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

His phone Number (269) 216-9602

Anonymous said...

Gotta tip my hat off to Peter for being THIS thick THIS long. (wow sounds funny, just like Peter!)

Please Peter, live in your shell of oblivion and ridiculousness, you'll get a real girlfriend and real job like that.

If you make up your identity and partner, maybe you make up your friends too!

Give up man, you're a dead dog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's it Peter. She and everyone who writes a blog does so with a misdirected sense of importance. Is that not why you wrote one??

Perhaps coming on the ever-so-unimportant blog and trying desperately (SO FUCKING DESPERATELY) to elevate your flailing ego is a bit misdirected. You are just making people hate when before they had been sorry for your pathetic attempt at fame and success. LOOK AT ME! I HAVE NINE YOUTUBE CHANNELS AND A MODEL GIRLFRIEND! I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO WORK BECAUSE I AM SO POPULAR ON THE INTERNET!!

Right. What was that you were saying about a false sense of importance?

And check the time that she started to blog about it.
It hadn't even hit Twitter at that time and had just been uncovered at Reddit.
A little hard to jump on the bandwagon when it hadn't arrived yet, don't you think? ;)

Nice try, Peter. It was great she blogged about this so we could all discover who you are for ourselves.

You don't deserve anyone's compassion. You are a disgusting, sorry excuse for a man.

Bee said...

Did Peter just tell me I suck at life?
This is a joke, yes?

Anonymous said...

Just adding a comment so he looks extra foolish for the: "LOL 2 comments, you must be so proud."

Though, I should make a comment of at least minimal value. Um...

I'd totally kiss this "Bee" gal.

Anonymous said...

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone.

Bee said...

Oh my God...

Kimi Kobayashi+ Banksy= Keyser-fucking-Söze.

That just blew my mind.

And comments about kissing me are, from here on out, going to not only be encouraged, but mandatory.


Anonymous said...

Dang. Now I'm sad that I posted anonymously.

I feel like I've missed my chance to get a hot internet girlfriend.

Probably for the best... I hear there are a lot of fake internet girlfriends out there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bee!

Well first off I'd have to add that you don't have to blog just for others' pleasure - there's a plethora of reasons to

& well - that dude himself defending Peter Coffin is PROOF enough that he is indeed Peter Coffin. No one in his right mind would defend that self-righteous coward who indulges in self-pity... and the fact that he still believes he is the "victim" is laughable and pathetic. He has never explicitly stated who Kimi Kobayashi was - proof surfacing that she was Lee Na Young was not even enough to make him admit that she was imaginary by writing ambiguous batshit tweets.

You should post the video of him kicking himself in the nuts, YES, HIS OWN NUTS, and appearing on a lame TV show for it. It's on his YouTube page, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Peter deleted his account from reddit and removed all posts.

I Just DGAF deleted all comments from this blog.


Ezzie said...

Regarding the Usual Suspects quote -- I wanted to point out that "Kimi Kobiyashi's" last name creates connotations of:

1. Kobiyashi the lawyer in The Usual Suspects, a movie about a web of lies spun upon lies.

2. The Kobiyashi Maru, the famous Star Trek simulation that seemed to be one thing (a test of skill) but was really another (a test of performance in the face of death/failure).


Bee said...

@Anonymous... I saw that video. It was ridiculous, non? What a maroon. I was considering posting it, but then where would the insanity end? With the "Make up internet girlfriend... FOR 8 MONTHS" memes out there, I couldn't start up. I'd be blogging about Monsieur Asshat for months. ;)

@Amber... that is creepy. Do you think Peter Coffin is actually the most brilliant artist this world has seem in centuries? Could it be?? (I want it to be.)

leigh_white2000 said...

Check out peter and kimi;s (3-25-11), shes defending her man in the comments...Lmao!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha!! He deleted all of the comments he posted under "I Just DGAF"!!!

As IF he's not Peter Coffin!

What a fucking COWARD.

Anonymous said...

the funniest thing about this is even if he deletes his accounts everything still can be traced because the networks keep everyone comments and ect locked in for a while. Mainly because of people harassing others online, so if this were to be taken to a legal matter, peter would so be guilty.

Kimiko said...

Leave my boyfriend ALONE! I am real, I am real! He and I always sit with one another at night. He loves me and I love him. We are the power couple of the internet. You are all just jealous because he is a genius and I am gorgeous.

Peter Coffin said...

This is PETER, I have problems. I really just wish I could get laid. My mother told me I was a handsome man but no matter what I still can't get any girls.

I also like giving my hands names and printing out exotic models and sticking them to my palm while I give myself pleasure.

I Just DGAF/Peter Coffin/ Kimi/ Legal Team & Minions said...

oh yeah and yes I am I Just DGAF and the legal team and all the other minions. I don't know I am a lonely guy and have a lot of time on my hands. I live a life vicariously through made up characters I have created behind the computer. I wouldn't be this way if I could only get a person or anime or even those real dolls (the look real enough) as a companion and partner.
I like to go upstairs in my mothers room and put her lipstick and perfume on my hands and pretend it's my dream girl. I say I hate plastic surgery but I sure do love sleeping with my blow up doll every night ;). I call her Miyake Hitoshi just don't tell Kimi I love other figments of my imagination.

Ria said...

Did you see his new alias? Digger McDane. Peter just copies Xia Xue to the max now. First a blogspot, now a "internet sleuth" page? GTFO. He's so bad at hiding who he is too; the only tweets that Digger McDane guy has made are about Xia Xue. Dude, if you want people to think you're NOT peter, then stop talking about only things Peter cares about, like bashing Wendy!!

yvettemadelaine said...


Bee said...

I have to check out this Digger McDane guy... ;)